This project is designed to demonstrate a proof of concept for aggregated Community Energy Storage Devices in a utility territory. The project is comprised of the following major research objectives: 1) Installation of 20 Community Energy Storage (CES) devices across a utility territory; 2) The installation and use of centralized communication across the service territory; 3) The integration of a renewable resource with energy storage; 4) The creation of algorithms for dispatching CES devices for peak shaving and demand response; 5) The integration and testing of secondary-use electric vehicle batteries; and 6) The use of Energy storage devices to provide ancillary services to the power grid.

In 2011, with funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Detroit Edison installed a 500-kW solar array at the main campus of Monroe County Community College. Attached to the solar array is a 500-kW battery that allows for the solar array's power to discharge more steadily throughout the day.

Lithium-ion Battery